The Value of a Velvet Rope: Effects of Hype and Exclusivity on Launch Strategies

Welcome to TestFlight

The Waitlist

  • Role and seniority within an organization
  • Level of social status (by requesting social links, like a Twitter URL)
  • Current workflows and operating systems
  • Eagerness to use the product and familiarity with the pain point

The Blue Check Phenomenon (Influencer)

Building In Public

  • Share real quotes & screenshots of feedback from users
  • Propose interesting product ideas and ask the community for feedback
  • Articulate roadblocks the company is facing and how to overcome them
  • Give insight into largely unknown aspects of the company/product
  • Share “sneak peeks” and vague product updates for things to come
  • Post screenshots of internal Slack messages showcasing company culture
  • Tell emotional stories about your company to pull at followers’ heartstrings
  • Quote Tweet someone describing a problem and respond “We are fixing this at …”


Now-deleted screenshot (credit here) from Elliot CEO Sergio Villaseñor.

Wild Card

  • Superhuman was built by a second-time founder of a successful product bought by LinkedIn
  • Hey was built by Basecamp founders with a huge existing audience
  • Clubhouse was built by seasoned founders and tech minds, surrounded by an already-elite circle




Investor at TCG Crypto. Alum @Stanford. Follow me @gaby_goldberg.

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Gaby Goldberg

Gaby Goldberg

Investor at TCG Crypto. Alum @Stanford. Follow me @gaby_goldberg.

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