The State of Sound: Audio in 2020 and Beyond

Just as the Internet, mobile, and cloud gave rise to new innovation across consumer and enterprise technology, we believe audio will fundamentally change how people connect and businesses operate.

So why is audio so special?

Motorola custom radio advertisement from 1951

Audio, in many forms, has been a well-established medium since the dawning of the telephone and radio, but it’s also the most disparate to study at scale. Now, we believe we’ve reached a point where advancements in software can help us separate the signal from noise.

Why Now?

1. Technological Innovation

Image credit: Apple

2. New Hardware Platforms

3. New Modes of Interaction

Request for Startups

The Audio Creation Suite

Audio for the Masses

Audio at Work

Spotify’s #2020Wrapped showed a sizable increase in work-from-home themed playlists.

The Future of Audio



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