• lily chan

    lily chan

  • Arnav Bansal

    Arnav Bansal

  • Omar Sebai

    Omar Sebai

    Valia Ventures

  • Rebecca Panja

    Rebecca Panja

    Software Engineer at Medium. Sharing my experiences and learnings from moving to San Francisco alone, being employee #1 at a startup and more :)

  • Lin Liu

    Lin Liu

    Industrial Engineer turned VC with a fascination for personal finance and self development.

  • Greg Monforton

    Greg Monforton

  • NoTech Ana

    NoTech Ana

    Lost $500K to learn my lessons and went from $0 to $5K in 3 months | Teach aspiring founders how to build startups to last | Anaspiringfounder.com

  • Brooke LeBlanc

    Brooke LeBlanc

    M&A Advisory sales at Donnelley Financial. Life learner whose past lives include BGB Group & AKQA. Based out of NY, NY.

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