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Why do people come? Why do people stay? Why do people share? Why do people pay?

1. Why do people come?

La Grenouillere by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

In consumer technology, everything old is new again.

Another growing trend among modern alternatives to legacy products is the comeback of the command…

The Business Model of Good Taste

“We’re living in a pivotal time…

  • Roam Research, a note-taking tool for networked thought, exploded to nearly 10,000 subscribers in two months, reaching $1.2M ARR within 60 days of launching a paid plan. Roam fostered an obsessive community of users, leading to vibrant groups on Slack (6,000+ members), Reddit (nearly 6,000 members in /r/RoamResearch), and GitHub (over 100 Roam-related repositories).
  • Lambda School, an online immersive computer science academy, processed 60,000 applications in 2019 — 50% more than Harvard — and scheduled…

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